Round tables or square tables? Which is the best option?


Round tables or square tables? Which is the best option?

When it comes to furnishing a business, one of the main issues that comes up is what type of tables to use, round or square. Which is the best option? In today's post we're going to go into detail about how to choose the right tables to furnish a business. 

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How do you choose a table?

Tables are one of the most important elements to furnish a room, so choosing the right one will define the atmosphere that is felt in the space and all its possibilities for use (whether for eating, carrying out some sort of leisure activity or to study and work). In short, the right choice will depend on the end purpose it will have in the place and the available space. 

Round table or square table?

A round table is ideal to create harmony in spaces, not only due to its round shape. It allows several people to sit on the same plane, so each of them can see all the others, giving the feeling of an informal, friendly atmosphere. This facilitates greater fluidity in conversation, whether between diners or between the attendees of a work meeting. Our Ø1350 Milano table is an ideal solution to use in large dining rooms or meeting rooms. Thanks to its large surface area, it can seat a large number of people and allows for fluid conversation with a pleasant atmosphere. Round tables are also generally supported by a single leg, a characteristic that also gives people much more leg room, offering clients greater comfort. 

Round tables are the ideal solution to place in large, square spaces. Additionally, if chairs are used that match the structure, they will harmonise much better with the space. If you don't have a lot of space, our XL Ø100 Toledo table is an ideal alternative. Its minimalist design and resistant, quality structure make it the ideal option to use in restaurants, cafeterias and bars regardless of the work pace. 

For their part, square tables are also an excellent option to furnish bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, offices, etc. They are particularly ideal when you don't have a lot of space. For example, their straight sides can be useful to push the table up against the wall and thus gain space. Our Werzalit 70X70 Stand Sputnik table models and our Toledo Aire XI 90x90 are ideal to furnish interiors and exteriors with style and personality. 

One aspect of square tables that sets them apart from round tables is the possibility of seating many more diners. A round table can only seat a certain number of people depending on its diameter. However, square and rectangular tables can be extended considerably with extensions or by placing several together, as is typical in bars and restaurants. For all the above reasons, our 70x70 High-Pressure Laminate Fall table is an excellent option for restaurants, bars and cafeterias thanks to its folding system which means it can be used wherever you need it.

For formal occasions, a square or rectangular table gives an air of grandeur and presence in a room. For example, our Vela L 200X90 High-Pressure Laminate table is an excellent alternative for formal, sophisticated meeting rooms. Its modern design has the personality your office or hotel needs. 


Designer furniture solutions for all types of business

At Resol, you'll find the round or square tables you want for your business or establishment. We have all types of designer furniture solutions for hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, bars, offices, waiting rooms and meeting rooms, for institutional buildings and department stores. Don't hesitate to check out our catalogue or contact our team of professionals so we can offer you a solution tailored to your needs. 

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