Discover Resol’s modern upholstered chairs


Discover Resol’s modern upholstered chairs

Modern upholstered chairs are a current furniture trend in all kinds of establishments, not only for the comfort they offer, but also for the elegance and the hint of modernity they give a room. Discover the modern upholstered chairs from Resol in this post.

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Chairs upholstered in modern fabric

Resol offers a wide variety of modern upholstered chairs ideal for any type of room and occasion, whether to furnish a restaurant dining room, to furnish offices, work spaces, waiting rooms, for meeting rooms, study classrooms, around a bar, in a kitchen or next to high tables. 

Our modern upholstered chairs stand out for the excellent quality of the fabrics with which they are made, as well as the resistance of the structure they are produced with, mainly with polypropylene injected with fibreglass together with an extra layer of UV protection. They offer the lightness and resistance required by a regular chair. They are also very easy to maintain thanks to their composition. In short, Resol’s modern fabric upholstered chairs are a safe option for any type of establishment or business to enjoy modern design with an excellent combination of materials.

Modern upholstered dining chairs

Resol has modern, minimalist and functional designs to provide any room with the style you need. You can find the Skin upholstered chair and our Fiona upholstered chair in our catalogue, ideal for furnishing offices and meeting rooms thanks to their much more functional design. We also have the Skin upholstered Skate stool, perfect to pair with kitchen bars or high tables if you wish to continue with the same design in other spaces.

If you are looking for a much more chic style, our Steely upholstered chair is an excellent choice. Its rounded structure is visually aesthetic and easy to combine with the other elements of the room, whether next to round or square tables. Resol’s Medium Upholstered Woody Stool version from its collection of modern upholstered chairs is also available in different colours to make furniture combinations much more dynamic. 

If you are a fan of formal and elegant aesthetic, our Upholstered neutral chair and our Shape upholstered armchair are an excellent alternative to achieve a modern and elegant effect at the same time. For establishments looking for a much more alternative and exotic air, our Tokyo upholstered chair is an excellent alternative. Inspired by the Japanese aesthetics of the Torii, it is a good option if you want to stand out.

Resol has just the modern upholstered chairs you are looking for to furnish your restaurant, bar, cafeteria, office, waiting room, study room or private dining room. Do not hesitate to take a look at our upholstered chairs catalogue to allow you to find the solution that best fits your needs.