General Guarantee

For a domestic use intended for final consumers, all the products of the brand RESOL, sold later than 31 December 2021, have a legal guarantee of 3 years following delivery to the final consumer, under normal conditions of use and maintenance and against any manufacturing defect that may affect their performance. The purchaser must always prove their ownership of the purchased product by means of an invoice and/or purchase receipt. As of 2 years following the delivery, and up to the 3-year deadline, it is up to the final recipient/purchaser to prove that the defect/non-conformity existed prior to the delivery of the product.

For non-domestic use (sales made to natural or legal persons), for example, the hospitality industry, communities, influencers, etc., we will distinguish the products according to the group to which they belong, differentiating the legal guarantee from the commercial guarantee (additional) offered by Resol.

The legal guarantee protects against flaws or defects visible during the 4 days following the delivery date of the product (visible damages must be noted in the waybill at the moment of delivery

For internal or hidden flaws, the professional consumer has 30 days according to the Business Code, or 6 months according to the Civil Code, from the delivery date of the product

Commercial guarantee for products with non-domestic use

For the products in the Resol Catalogue, a commercial guarantee is granted for a period of two years from the moment of initial delivery to our client.

For the Marina and Sky sunloungers, Resol grants a commercial guarantee of the frame of up to three years from the moment of initial delivery to our client, provided Resol’s use and maintenance recommendations have been followed.

As regards the commercial guarantee of the fabric of the Marina and Sky sunlounger cloth, this will be for two years from the moment of initial delivery to our client, provided Resol’s use and maintenance recommendations have been followed. This guarantee will cover the fabrics of these sunloungers against breakage, changes of colour or decolouration caused by ultraviolet rays. If these fabrics break, change colour or become decoloured during this period, Resol will provide the fabric. The labour cost of fitting the fabric to the frame is not included. Once the pieces and/or fabric have been delivered, the commercial guarantee will not be expanded, therefore the maximum period of validity of said commercial guarantee for the Marina and Sky sunloungers will always be that granted of 3 years for the frame, and 2 years for the fabrics.

These guarantees are granted under normal conditions of use and maintenance, against any manufacturing defect that may affect their performance. This guarantee will not cover defects or imperfections caused by the passage of time, or wear resulting from their use. For illustrative purposes only, this guarantee will neither cover decolouration nor tingeing of the colours, changes in the textures of the materials, cracks, scratches, small chips in the paintwork, and scuff marks caused by the correct usage or purpose of said products, etc.

In the case of a lack of conformity, in accordance with that stated so far, in order to submit the claim, you must immediately contact our representative or, failing that, the RESINAS OLOT, S.L. Customer Service Department. If, once the product has been checked, it is detected that there is a lack of conformity in the process of manufacturing our product, only Resol may decide to repair or replace the product or lower its price, in light of the disproportional nature and/or impossibility of applying any other option.

DO NOT FORGET that for the validity of the guarantee, you must keep the manufacturing batch label affixed to the piece of furniture, as well as the sale invoice/purchase receipt of the product. Please remember that it is essential that you attach photographs demonstrating the defect claimed, showing the complete product(s), and the various damages/non-conformities that you wish to allege in each of the products which you state to be unsatisfactory. They must be photographs taken from several angles so that we may analyse the problem, along with a brief explanation of the problem and how it has occurred (preferably by email). For injected plastic products, please add photographs of the date clocks of the pieces.


It is necessary to prove correct maintenance and use, as well as the final consumer’s ownership, of the professional consumer, by means of a purchase receipt (private use), or purchase invoice, and the purchase invoice of the professional final consumer may also be required. Proof is also necessary by means of photographs of each non-conforming product at various angles, plus a description of the non-conformity. For plastic-injected products, photographs of the date clocks must be sent. If the legal guarantee is exceeded, the product must be returned previously, with the purchaser assuming the transport costs. Visible flaws or defects on the products must be noted in the greatest possible detail in the delivery note of reception of the goods, or at the latest within 24 hours, and they must match the previously approved documents of proof. The expression “accepted subject to examination” will not be admitted in the delivery note. The agreed INCOTERM will fix each party’s responsibility as regards transport, documents, delivery, insurance, etc. Any liability for incidental damages and losses is expressly declined. The guarantee provided by means of this document is limited to the value of the product.


Heed the warnings and at all times follow the instructions of use and assembly that come with the product. If you have any queries, please consult our website,, or contact our Customer Service Department.

For optimum aesthetic maintenance of our products, clean the surface with clean, moderately pressurised water to remove the dirt. If there is still any dirt stuck to the product, use a solution of neutral detergent with a clean, damp cloth, and then dry it well.

Do not submit the products to constant and prolonged exposure to the elements. These products are suitable for intense but not permanent outdoor use. To maximise the product’s useful life, store it in a place protected from the rays of the sun, humidity, saline atmospheres, dirt and high temperatures, when not in use.

The use of products such as synthetic fibres, wood, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. in environments with a high salinity rating in the atmosphere is expressly discouraged by the manufacturer.

The maintenance required by synthetic fibre and textilene is to clean them at least twice a year, and to remove any dust and environmental waste that may remain in the mesh or weave, as the dust and the pollution deposited can be putrescible. Prolonged contact with coloured substances or fats (such as sunscreens or similar) should also be avoided, as they can be absorbed by the material and leave permanent stains. The best way to clean them is to use water with colourless, non-abrasive liquid detergents We recommend leaving the mixture of water and detergent to act for a few minutes and then, if necessary, scrubbing the surface using brushes with highly flexible bristles. Then rinsing with plenty of water. If you use water pressure systems for cleaning, be careful not to damage the surface. It is highly recommended to adequately clean synthetic fibre before storing it for the winter, and to carry out the same process at the beginning of the season when it is to be used regularly.



International: Contact the corresponding sales assistance service (professionals), or