Green thinking

#GreenThinking is the Resol project that is working to continue developing new sustainability processes. The first link of this project is the elimination of new plastic from all its factories and its replacement with post-consumer recycled plastic.

Sustainable Development Goals

Resol is aware of the current problem and is therefore fully committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations and is constantly striving to improve in each of these areas.


We produce all our resources with a responsible use of water


All our plastic products are 100% recyclable


We invest resources for research and the search for more sustainable models


We produce all our products with responsible water uses


We are committed to the environment and do not use hazardous chemicals under any circumstances


By working with recyclable materials, we are reducing contamination in terms of waste into soil, air and water.


We do not discharge any of our waste into water, instead managing it t in a sustainable and responsible manner

Optimisation of sustainable resources

At Resol, we are collecting and managing all rejected plastic left over from the injection process to allow it to be reinjected in order to continue to improve environmental aspects and optimise resources as much as possible. We call this processed recycled plastic post-industrial recycled plastic. In another move in this direction, Resol pallets are being made of 100% post-industrial recycled plastic.

Green Edition

This is how the new Green Edition range is born,

A new range with which we say “bye bye” to new plastic

Under the new Green Edition range we can find some of our best designs manufactured with post-consumer recycled material injection techniques. Thus, we can offer our customers a new, more sustainable range that retains the same characteristics and properties as models made with new plastic.

Silla Fiona

#GreenEdition Products

We are now already selling the first products produced by plastic recovery processes, specified under the #GreenEdition range, the pilot test for the future Resol.

Nature gives a dash of colour to our new Green Edition range

Fire, Water, Air and Earth, the four elements of nature that define Resol’s Green Edition range with its colours. A line based on respect for the environment, that operates living a second life to all plastic that is only a contaminating residue in nature at the end of its life cycle.

Fire Yellow,

Water Green,

Earth Brown,

Air Blue.

Infinite cycles of life

Years of experience in injection have allowed Resol to define a process to use all the plastic that had already reached the end of its life cycle. It has allowed us to convert materials collected from the waste stream into recycled furniture.

We call this raw material post-consumer recycled plastic. All the plastic products we produce are also recyclable.

International Certificates

ISO 14001

Resol is certified by the Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità (IMQ) according to environmental standard 14001 on Environmental Management Systems. Resol has systematised the environmental aspects that are generated in the organisation’s activities and promotes environmental protection and pollution prevention. Resol is committed to reducing waste and making more efficient use of resources.

ISO 14006

With this standard, Resol is committed to adopting a management system when designing its products to identify all the possible environmental impacts on each phase of its life cycle, in order to try to minimise them, without compromising their quality and applications, as well as controlling and improving the environmental aspects of the products by providing information to customers.