Quality, environment and ecodesign policy

RESINAS OLOT, S.L. is a leading manufacturer in the design, manufacture and marketing of products for large distribution, design furniture, hospitality, office accessories and infrastructures through its brands, RESOL GARDEN, RESOL CONTRACT, BARCELONA Dd, VILAGRASA, INDECASA and ARENAS.

PLASFUR, S.A. dedicated to the design and molding of thermoplastics by injection, assembly and finishing.

The management of RESOL (Resinas Olot SL and Plasfur SA), aware of the importance of satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers all relevant stakeholders, has implemented and maintains an integrated Quality, Environment and Ecodesign Management System in the organization through the following basic principles:

- Achieve full customer and stakeholder satisfaction through constant product innovation, to achieve the greatest functionality, with a high level of design and quality, aligned with the nature, magnitude and significant environmental impacts of the products throughout its life cycle.

- Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System for the performance of the Ecodesign process by providing a framework to establish and review the objectives and goals related to the integrated management system as well as the products throughout their life cycle.
- Train all workers and collaborators to achieve greater work efficiency by promoting a positive environment for development and participation.

- Satisfy the needs and requirements of customers in a sustainable way, working with a rational use of resources and applying criteria for applying actions aimed at preventing pollution.
- Comply with current legislation and other requirements applicable to processes, activities, facilities and products.

To guarantee compliance with the defined points, the Management:
- Communicate and implement the Policy to all the people who work in the organization.
- Establishes and facilitates the necessary resources to achieve the objectives set.
- Commitment to it is ensured in order to be an example of excellence in service.

Joan Traveria Rovira


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