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Resol sofas and armchairs

Resol sofas and armchairs are synonymous with comfort, quality and resilience.

Discover the armchair designs for outdoor or indoor spaces available at Resol. Delve into our catalogue and find out what your new installation of design and comfort will be.

Whether you’re looking for solutions for your home, or you want to renew the decoration of your business, in our webpage you’ll find the option that best adapts to your needs. We have all types of sofas and armchairs produced using Eco-friendly materials.

Sofas and armchairs of genuine design

All our products are designed by our creative team following the latest market trends. That’s why at Resol you’ll find the best solutions in design sofas and armchairs.

We also have a wide selection of armchairs in different styles so that you can find the one that really fits in with the decoration of your home or business. We offer you modern armchairs, vintage armchairs, Nordic style armchairs, classic armchairs, etc.

As well as fitting in style-wise, a good sofa or armchair must fit in perfectly with the space where it’s placed. That’s why at Resol you’ll also find a great variety of designs. We offer:
•    Armchair with or without armrests
•    Rocking chair or swinging chair
•    Stackable armchair
•    Chaise longue

....... And lots more! We urge you to discover our wide range of products.

Whether you’re looking for armchairs for small spaces, or solutions for spacious settings, in our webpage you’ll find the solution that adapts to your needs.

Comfortable, resilient and long-lasting armchairs.

At Resol we know that a good design must be completely consistent with the maximum standards of quality, resilience and comfort. We therefore design and produce sofas and armchairs based on the best materials for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Armchairs for rooms or indoor spaces

Our armchairs for indoor spaces stand out for their spectacular design, but are also surprisingly comfortable and resilient. Whether you’re looking for an armchair for the bedroom, for reading, or a simply a place to relax and disconnect for a while, at Resol you’ll find the option you’re looking for.

Armchairs for terraces or outdoor spaces

As well as our range of chairs and armchairs for interiors, at Resol we also have a variety of products specially designed for outdoor spaces. Most of these models are produced using resilient materials with UV protection. That way we guarantee that the colour is maintained, as well as the resistance to the weather or to constant handling.

If you’re looking for armchairs for gardens or terraces, at Resol you’ll find resilient and long-lasting solutions that will let you give your outdoor spaces a touch of freshness and rejuvenation.  

Sofas and armchairs for hotels and catering

We also have a selection of furniture for hotels and catering, specially designed taking into account the needs of these types of prolonged-use spaces. By enjoying the comfort of our sofas and armchairs, you clients will feel at home anywhere in the world.