Upholstery chairs

Comprehensive Upholstery

At Resol we believe in the commitment to continue growing to be able to offer the widest ranging and most versatile catalogue. With this objective in mind, we launch a new range of comprehensive upholstery aimed at offering comfort and versatility to all the interior spaces you can imagine.

We present our new line of upholstered chairs and stools with the aim to convert our furniture in pieces that provide comfort, design, warmth and versatility.

Resol, together with some of the most prestigious brands

offers a selection of fabrics and colours of a refined, contemporary and high- performance aesthetic. Different textures and a wide range of materials able to create an emotional connection with the user and the surroundings.


Two complete collections that you can customize

In this catalogue we present the SKIN and SHAPE collections, in their comprehensive upholstery version, offering an extensive range of very versatile, elegant and infinitely customisable chairs and stools

SKIN Collection

SHAPE Collection

Get inspired!

Collection of carefully selected fabrics and colours to tackle any interior design project.