Upholstered chairs for hotels


Upholstered chairs for hotels

A distinguished establishment stands out from its competitors mainly thanks to all the individual elements that make it up: from its décor, to the service and even the furniture. Today's post is doing to look at Resol’s upholstered chairs for hotels, a design solution for establishments with more personality.


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Upholstered chairs for hotels

The hotel sector is one of the most competitive in the services market, where the success of the most popular businesses is not only due to the type of service they offer, but also to the experience they offer to the customer. Dining room furniture, such as tables and chairs, plays a vital role. A restaurant that takes care of all the details and offers unbeatable attention to its users will be guaranteed success. 

Upholstered chairs are an excellent solution to create a pleasant atmosphere and offer maximum comfort to customers to enjoy and relax in any bar, restaurant or cafeteria. They are ideal for projecting an image with character and personality required of an establishment to stand out from its competitors. 

Resol upholstered chairs, that offer comfort and elegance, are much more than a piece of decoration. Our upholstered chairs stand out for their ultimate versatility, which are suitable for waiting rooms, bedrooms and suites for guests, as well as in function and meeting rooms. Designs conceived to offer the best rest and relaxation experience for each customer.

Our new Anou Indoor Chair fully upholstered chair designed by Jorge Pensi, offers the warmth and comfort sought by customers in a chair. An armchair designed for indoor use inspired by the warmth of a hug. The new version of the Anou fully upholstered armchair elevates this design to another level of quality in the contract furniture sector.

Upholstered chairs for restaurants

Resol offers a wide range of upholstered chairs. Our collection is inspired by our most outstanding and internationally awarded designs to offer utmost comfort and convenience to each customer.

Our most outstanding upholstered designs include other models designed by Josep Lluscà, such as our Tokyo upholstered chair, an original and exotic alternative for much more transgressive businesses. We also recommend our Woody upholstered chair, a solution for establishments seeking a much more traditional and classic concept. Our catalogue also includes an upholstered stool version.

Design upholstered chairs

Resol are specialists in contract furniture focused on the hospitality and catering sectors. Our upholstered hospitality chairs are synonymous with design, quality and comfort for each customer. Why not have a look at our catalogue to find the best solution for your business.