Sustainable furniture for hotels


Sustainable furniture for hotels

Resol is a brand committed to caring for the environment. And this is why some of our design pieces include a wide range of sustainable furniture for hotels. In today’s post, we are going to talk about our range for ecological accommodation.

mobiliario para hoteles sostenibles

Sustainable hotels

Sustainable hotels are more than a trend and have become increasingly in demand in the tourism sector. Such businesses veer away from the conventional route and are committed to going one step further, with a concern for the environment and the planet for all elements in their establishment, from common areas to the guest rooms. 

Sustainable furniture offers a variety of benefits to any type of business. Some examples are enjoying durable furniture, having timeless designs with great profitability, and adding a unique value capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers. 

Resol is introducing the Green Edition collection, an interior decoration and design solution designed for hotels that wish to make the leap towards a business that is much more committed to the environment, whose furniture includes sustainable elements. 

Furniture for a sustainable hotel

Resol is a brand aware of the major climate crisis that the planet is suffering. This inspired us to become part of the change and the design of our Green Edition furniture line, with 100% recyclable pieces made from post-consumer recycled plastic and including some of the most outstanding designs of our brand. Creativity and sustainability converge in this project to create different, exclusive and environmentally friendly spaces. 


One of the designs from our Green Edition collection is the Tokyo Green Edition chair designed by Josep Lluscà, a perfect alternative to create exotic and elegant environments. Our Steely Green Edition chair is an option designed to meet the needs of any type of business, both for indoor and outdoor use. The Toledo Aire Green Edition chair, designed by the architect Jorge Pensi, combines functionality with a totally authentic and transgressive design.

Our Woody Green Edition chair, designed by Josep Lluscà, is an excellent option to furnish terraces or interior rooms for hotels that also seek design and timelessness within a traditional setting.

The colours that define the Green Edition furniture range are inspired by the four elements: fire, air, water and earth, which help to connect the designs more closely with the care for the planet in its conception. Resol’s Green Edition range is also ISO 14001 and ISO 14006 certified to reinforce the brand’s commitment to the planet and environmental protection in all the manufacturing and distribution processes of its parts.

Sustainable interior design

Resol’s Green Edition collection allows a wide variety of spaces to be designed for hotels that seek to integrate sustainable furniture and continue to offer their customers an aesthetic and functional solution. 

Resol designs sustainable solutions from their conception, from manufacture to their delivery at its final destination, ensuring maximum efficiency during all its processes. Our priorities include reducing our carbon footprint, reusing manufacturing materials and replacing toxic products with more natural and less polluting alternatives. We wish to be part of the sector’s transformation toward sustainability. 

Contact our team if you have any questions and allow us to assess your project and offer a solution tailored to the needs of your business.