Outdoor armchairs: Are they a good option for hospitality?


Outdoor armchairs: Are they a good option for hospitality?

Preparing terraces for the Spring and Summer season is a task the hospitality sector takes on eagerly to be able to offer its customers the best service. A large number of aspects are taken into account such as, for example, tables and chairs and outdoor armchairs, in addition to decorative elements. In this post, we're going to talk about whether or not outdoor armchairs are a good option to use in hospitality. 

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Characteristics of outdoor armchairs for hospitality 

When you decide to use outdoor armchairs in hospitality, you need to bear certain principal characteristics in mind in order to correctly choose the best solution and thus offer your customers a quality service. 

Outdoor armchairs for hospitality must be hard-wearing. I.e., you need to choose pieces with materials that stand the test of time and can withstand the intended use and harsh weather so your investment is ultimately profitable. Also, in order to offer a good customer experience, they must be comfortable and their structure must not look strange and definitely shouldn't be damaged. Additionally, they must be versatile pieces that can meet any type of need that could come up during the service. 

A very important factor for outdoor armchairs is that they need to offer all of this without losing their designer quality or sophistication that give the impression of seriousness and professionalism wherever they are used. 

How do you choose the ideal outdoor armchairs for a terrace?

To choose your outdoor armchairs, it's important to establish their purpose. I.e., you're not going to choose the same model to create a chill-out atmosphere for daytime as for night time, for example.

Outdoor armchairs to enjoy the fresh air

If what you're looking for is to create an area for relaxation and rest, the outdoor armchairs chosen must offer maximum comfort. For example, our range of Anou armchairs is an excellent alternative to offer exceptional comfort. Additionally, if you want to enhance the experience of comfort and relaxation, the Anou Rocking design simulates the warmth of a hug together with gentle swinging to contemplate the landscape, read, chat or have a cold drink. 

Outdoor armchairs for eating 

Hospitality terraces often offer outdoor armchairs next to low tables as an alternative to the normal chairs and tables, creating a much more relaxed and informal atmosphere. That's why choosing outdoor armchairs that allow customers to enjoy snacks and drinks in company will be of utmost importance to offer them a good service and experience. We would like to highlight our Anthea Easy Chair model, specially designed for the most select establishments. An innovative piece in every sense of the word, from the choice of materials and colours to its unique, original design, it offers the comfort you would expect from a designer outdoor armchair.

At Resol, we have an extensive catalogue of outdoor armchairs with a large variety of designs made of top quality materials. We also offer a large range of hospitality furniture solutions to design your business as you want it. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us so we can advise you and offer you a personalised solution.