What are the ideal measurements for a dining table?


What are the ideal measurements for a dining table?

It is very common to wonder what measurements we need before buying a table. If this is something you asked yourself too, don't worry: this post will tell you everything you need to know about dining table measurements and features to allow you to choose the best option according to your needs.

cuáles son las dimensiones de una mesa de comedor

Dining table sizes

Tables are one of the most used spaces for a wide variety of activities, such as everyday meals, for work and study and for family or business meetings, to name a few, therefore, making choosing a dining table that meets our needs something important. Your choice is not just important for your home use, but also for furnishing businesses, such as bars, restaurants, cafés and offices that would generally not function without having tables.

Therefore, depending on the use, it is very important to choose the right size of table to meet our needs.


Standard sized dining table

The standard measurements of a dining table vary greatly depending on their usefulness. Usually, a dining table is between 70 and 76 cm high, a comfortable height to place the legs underneath without any inconvenience and even more so, a comfortable height for any type of activity. A table surface, on the other hand, can range from 80 x 80 cm to 200 x 100 cm, for large tables.

Here are certain aspects to be taken into account before choosing a dining table:

  • The number of diners and the space they take up at the table. As a general rule, each diner should have 60 cm with at least 40 cm space between them.
  • Take into account the space available in the room and the environment to find out which dimensions are the most suitable to choose your dining table, which space it will take up and how much space it allows for people to pass by.
  • Table shape. There are a wide variety of tables on the market, such as square, rectangular, oval, round ones, etc. Round and square tables are ideal to accommodate between 2 and 4 diners while rectangular and round bigger sized tables are ideal to accommodate between 6 and 12 diners.

Eight-person dining table measurements

If you have a large space and want to accommodate up to 8 people around the table, rectangular tables are the best alternative thanks to their large and elongated design. You should ideally opt for tables at least 180 x 90 cm long or even much longer such as those of 200 x 100 cm. Resol’s Vela L 180x90 table is available in our catalogue. If you require a lot more space, an excellent option is a fold-out table that offer extra space if needed.

Six-person dining table measurements

The ideal dining table for up to 6 diners is a rectangular one that measures around 160 x 80 cm, and our Noa 160x90 table is an excellent option. A much more spacious alternative is a 180 x 90 cm table such as our Norén 180x100 table. And if you are looking for a round table for your dining room, the best alternative would be one that is at least 140 cm in diameter.

Four-person dining table measurements

If you are looking for a standard day-to-day dining table that only needs to accommodate 2- 4 people, the ideal size for a square table would be 150 x 150 cm. Our Vela 80x80 table for a smaller-sized option, can range between 100 and 120 cm in diameter. We also recommend our Toledo X1 Ø100 table, an excellent option for small spaces.

Purchasing your dining table

We hope we have been able to answer your questions related to dining table measurements. Please remember you can find just he dining table you are looking for to furnish your home or business at Resol. Do not hesitate to take a look at our catalogue