Furniture made from recycled materials; a sustainable solution


Furniture made from recycled materials; a sustainable solution

In light of the current situation in which materials are more and more limited, we need to find decisive, sustainable alternatives to be able to resolve the furniture needs in different areas. To address this dilemma, furniture made from recycled materials has come into play; a furniture solution to furnish homes, offices, bars, restaurants, cafés, shopping centres and other busy spaces. In this post, you'll discover various examples of furniture made from recycled materials.

muebles hechos con materiales recilados

What is furniture made from recycled materials?

Furniture made from recycled materials is furniture that has been manufactured sustainably, reusing materials that have already been used once, but which can be partially or completely transformed to build or form part of pieces or objects for use in different environments.

These materials that can be recycled include plastics, metal, glass and natural fibres. With these materials, we can give a wide range of objects a second life and use them to create new objects.

In the case of furniture, a large range of pieces can be made from recycled materials, such as tables and chairs of all sizes and designs, for example, even chests of drawers, wardrobes, shelving units, sofas, armchairs, benches, etc. Furniture made from recycled materials is an excellent alternative to meet the needs of any space, in addition to being the perfect alternative to contribute to caring for the planet and reducing pollution.

Additionally, the factories that produce furniture from recycled materials must comply with a series of manufacturing requirements and regulations to ensure that all stages of the manufacturing are environmentally-friendly.

Furniture made form recycled materials

At Resol, our goal is to direct the manufacturing of our most prominent designer pieces towards much more responsible and sustainable alternatives throughout the manufacturing process. We use the excess materials from our chairs made from new plastic, i.e. leftover material or defective pieces, to create our green edition collection of chairs.

These are unique, cutting-edge designer pieces made from recycled and 100% recyclable plastic. One of our most prominent pieces is our Tokyo Green Edition chair, a chair made form recycled plastic the original design of which adds the personality and elegance any establishment needs. At the same time, our Woody Green Edition chair stands out for its classic design, which is able to transmit a welcoming vibe wherever it is placed.

We're talking about furniture made from recycled materials that has been manufactured sustainably and which retains all the qualities of a piece manufactured from new plastic. It retains its flexibility, durability and resistance, is still light and easy to maintain to use in both indoor and outdoor spaces and offers the comfort anyone would look for in a chair.

Resol is a brand that is aware of the urgent change the planet needs which is why we offer our clients innovative, sustainable alternatives. In this way we hope to promote the use of furniture made from recycled materials in all areas, from hospitality and restaurants to education centres and public facilities. We are here to promote the change the world needs.

Is furniture made from recycled plastic safe?

A very common source of doubt amongst consumers is if furniture made from recycled plastic is safe. And the answer is yes. We're talking about a fully regulated type of furniture manufacturing based on offering an alternative solution to conventional furniture made from new or single use materials. As we mentioned at the start of the post, as is the case with furniture made from new materials, furniture made from recycled plastic must comply with a list of standards, testing and requirements for its use and marketing, to ensure that it is completely safe and reliable.

If you're looking to take the plunge and do your bit to take better care of the planet, at Resol we have the perfect solution for your hotel, restaurant, café, office or education centre to promote this change with our furniture made from recycled materials.

Don't hesitate to contact us so we can design a solution that meets the needs of your establishment. We accompany you from the initial idea through the design of the solution and its subsequent execution. If you would like to know more about our ecological chairs, please don't hesitate to take a look at our previous post.