Ecological, environmentally-friendly chairs


Ecological, environmentally-friendly chairs

More and more businesses are electing to be part of the change and seeking alternatives to turn their establishments into much more environmentally-friendly spaces. Resol's ecological chairs are an excellent eco-friendly furniture alternative with low impact in terms of pollution. Find out more about this line of furniture in this post.

silla para exterior ecológica

100% recycled and recyclable ecological chairs

With the Green Edition line of ecological chairs, we've said goodbye to new plastic in the manufacturing of the most prominent items in our catalogue, maintaining quality in all our products.

The idea to manufacture ecological chairs was born out of a desire to promote a change in direction for our brand towards more sustainable, environmentally conscious products. That's why the items in our Green Edition are manufactured using post-consumption 100% recycled and recyclable plastic injection techniques, using only the necessary resources. Also, we are continuing our search for new, even more sustainable manufacturing models for our products.

Our Green Thinking line of ecological chairs shows our commitment to offering a quality solution suited to the needs of each business. An ecologically conscious alternative to bring sustainability to commercial spaces.

Ecological designs in chairs

Ecological chairs are an excellent eco-friendly alternative for hotels and hospitality. Sustainably manufactured, they are an attractive alternative to furnish restaurant dining rooms, bars, cafés, entertainment establishments, terraces and even meeting rooms and offices. At Resol we have a wide range of ecological chair models designed to meet customers' needs and the establishment's expectations.

Resol's sustainable, ecological chairs are a long-term investment as the recycled plastic maintains the same properties as new plastic. In our catalogue, we have modern, timeless designs like our Casino Green Edition chair and our Steel Green Edition chair, for example.

These models remain in line with the trends despite the passage of time. Other options with character and more revolutionary designs, include our Tokyo Green Edition chair and the Toledo Aire Green Edition model, which will help provide any space with personality.

We also have bar stools, like our Woody Alto Green Edition Stool model, ideal to play with the height of the furniture in the dining rooms and terraces of restaurants, bars and cafés, enjoying the same quality as with stools made from new plastic.

Nature serves as inspiration to establish the colours of our ecological chair collection. Fire yellow, water green, earth brown and air blue are the colours that represent our planet and our commitment to it.

Resol's Green Edition line is ISO 14001 and ISO 14006 certified which demonstrates its commitment to the environmental management of the activities inherent in the manufacturing of each of our ecological chairs. Additionally, we adopt an environmental impact management system in each phase of the life cycle of our products, reducing their impact to the minimum and maintaining quality throughout the process.


Resol ecological tables and chairs

At Resol, you'll find the recycled plastic chairs you're looking for so your business can be part of the change our planet needs. Check out our catalogue to find the solution that best suits the needs of your business or contact our team so we can offer you a solution tailored to your project. We will be happy to help you.