Designer modern upholstered armchairs


Designer modern upholstered armchairs

Upholstered chairs are an excellent place to rest, read a book or enjoy a pleasant, cosy environment in good company. In this post, you'll discover Resol's designer modern upholstered armchairs, one of the best alternatives to furnish lounges, waiting rooms, halls, offices, hotel rooms and many other places with taste and charm.

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Resol's modern upholstered armchairs

Upholstered armchairs transmit a feeling of elegance and sophistication wherever they are placed, whether in private living rooms, waiting rooms, halls or offices. They can serve as key pieces to complete the furnishing of a room, for example, next to sofas, accompanied by auxiliary tables, lamps and footrests, amongst others. All these elements are designed to create more relaxing, pleasant areas.

Resol's modern upholstered armchairs, made from top quality materials and fabrics, give guests a space to sit while enjoying a soft, cosy feel along with exceptional comfort.


Discover our catalogue of original upholstered armchairs

At Resol, we have a wide range of original upholstered armchairs, perfect to adapt to the specific needs of any space. These armchairs represent the ideal option to complement the furnishing of hotels, restaurants, offices and private homes.

Upholstered armchairs with armrests

Our Shape Click Fully Upholstered armchair with armrests, designed by Josep Lluscà, stands out for the full upholstering of its structure, made from fabrics that are soft to the touch with quality fibres. It is an armchair of minimalist design with clean lines, very comfortable and easily integrated into a wide range of rooms. It is the perfect alternative to furnish spaces with a touch of elegance and originality.

Fully upholstered armchairs

Continuing with fully upholstered armchairs, our Anou Fully Upholstered is a modern armchair with cushions for indoor use. Its design, inspired by our iconic Anou armchair, makes it an original, exceptional piece to furnish all types of environment. It is a model that combines a timeless, modern design offering maximum comfort thanks to the cushions integrated into its structure.

Armchairs with upholstered footrests

We also offer the possibility of combining our upholstered armchairs with our upholstered footrests. Our Anou Fully Upholstered Pouf is the perfect piece to complement our modern armchairs and show them in their best light.

Upholstering of chairs and armchairs

We recently incorporated our new 3D configurator into our catalogue. This is a tool that allows you to configure our upholstered designs in a customised manner. This programme is able to create an image of the items according to the selected structure and upholstery fabric in order to visualise the final combination. It's the perfect option to view our designs according to the preferences and needs of each project.

For personalised advice on our upholstered furniture solutions, don't hesitate to contact our team of advisors. We will be happy to help you. To find out more about our outdoor armchairs, we recommend checking out our previous post.