Resol's commitment to being a greener company


Resol's commitment to being a greener company

With the aim of leading the green transformation within the furniture industry, Resol has integrated sustainability as a fundamental pillar of our corporate strategy. This integration transcends mere rhetoric, turning sustainability into a lived and tangible practice in our operations.

As a company with innovation in its DNA and one of the pioneers in the creation of injection furniture, we view sustainability as an environmental responsibility and a driver of innovation and openness to new market opportunities. At Resol, adopting eco-friendly practices and formulating our GRITEK material, mainly composed of recycled plastic at the end of its life cycle and reinforced with recycled fiberglass from industrial processes, drive our mission to redefine the production of our furniture. This approach promotes creativity and pursuing methods that honor our commitment to the planet.

Sustainable energy production: towards a green and self-sufficient future

Our commitment to a greener future is also concretely manifested through installing 1176 coplanar solar panels at our Les Preses factory in the La Garrotxa region. This project demonstrates Resol's commitment to energy self-sufficiency and our commitment to cleaner and more sustainable production. Thanks to this initiative, Resol is able to supply energy to the transformers of all the injection machines in the plant and other production equipment, with the vision of reinvesting the generated savings in more sustainability actions.

International certifications and commitment to quality Resol's effort to be a greener company is backed by international certifications such as ISO 14001 and ISO 14006, awarded by the Italian Institute for Quality Mark (IMQ). These certifications demonstrate our commitment to environmental protection, pollution prevention, and continuous improvement in managing the ecological impacts of our products and operations.

Responding to the demand of new consumers

As a company committed to progress, Resol has integrated sustainability into its corporate strategy, thus responding to the growing demand from consumers for environmentally friendly products. According to the World Economic Forum, the demand for sustainable products from millennials and Generation Z consumers is rising. Resol strives to stay ahead, positioning itself as one of the preferred choices, thanks to its collaboration with renowned designers and focus on attractive and functional designs, ensuring a desirable and accessible product. This effort is driven by an awareness of the shift in preferences reflecting a global trend towards sustainability.