Resol's approach: sustainable outdoor furniture


Resol's approach: sustainable outdoor furniture

Sustainability, as defined by the United Nations in 1987, means "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". At Resol, we have incorporated this definition into our philosophy as a guide for developing our products.

As a furniture brand, we firmly believe that sustainability should be accessible and adaptable to a variety of spaces. In this journey to create sustainable and functional designs, our first step has been to commit to what we have mastered by launching a range of sustainable indoor and outdoor furniture, a collection that fuses timelessness, quality, affordability and reuse of materials. We reassert our commitment: to avoid the depletion of natural resources and prevent irreversible damage to the environment.

Gritek®: what makes us different Our proposal is embodied in the Green Edition collection, which includes some of our most iconic chairs, made with Gritek®. This innovative formula uses advanced materials and manufacturing processes that guarantee the durability and strength required for modern living, while minimising environmental impact. Each piece in this sustainable outdoor furniture collection meets quality standards and certifications, reflecting our commitment to sustainability. In addition, as outdoor furniture, it also has properties that make it weather-resistant. Toledo Aire: a classic redefined Created in 1986, the Toledo chair was created in cast aluminium, one of the most recyclable and durable materials in the world.

Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, making it a highly environmentally friendly metal. Toledo reinterprets the traditional café terrace chair. Although its ergonomics were perfect, the metal version was more prone to scratches and knocks and was more difficult to maintain outdoors. In 2015, Resol decided to manufacture it in polypropylene with fibreglass, which made the design more resistant for contract and hospitality environments. Therefore, including Toledo Aire in our Green Edition collection was a logical step. This world-renowned chair is an icon of our brand. By integrating it into our sustainable collection, we reaffirmed our commitment to take our philosophy to new heights.

Woody: expanding design horizons Another design highlight in our Green Edition collection is the Woody chair. This model, designed by Josep Lluscà, is widely used in indoor and outdoor contract and hospitality spaces, such as the Hotel Mothern by Pillow in Barcelona, the Camping La Sirène in France and the Spanish Diner by José Andrés in Washington DC.

Resol's commitment to manufacture Woody with post-consumer recycled plastic is an invitation to interior designers, architects and decorators to share our Green Thinking philosophy. With it, we seek to continue developing new processes in terms of sustainability and to expand our Green Edition collection with new designs that invite you to convert all kinds of spaces into a new way of life. By developing a new material that retains the benefits of polypropylene for outdoor furniture, this makes it an ideal choice for projects that seek a balance between durability and environmental responsibility. The Woody chair is not only resistant to weather and intensive use, but also contributes to the reduction of plastic waste, promoting a circular economy.

An invitation to walk this path together We invite architects, interior designers and clients to be part of this evolution by incorporating sustainable furniture into spaces such as gardens and terraces. Every design choice has a positive impact on our planet. Together, we can transform everyday spaces into greener and more sustainable environments, without sacrificing style and comfort. With this initiative, we seek to inspire more people to adopt a Green Thinking approach, promoting practices that benefit the environment and create a more sustainable future for all.