RECIPLAST: project for the development of injection moulds for recycled material


RECIPLAST: project for the development of injection moulds for recycled material

The global crisis caused by climate change and the urgent need to adopt more sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives has led to innovative, collaborative initiatives like the RECIPLAST project. In this context, in collaboration with the Catalan Government, Acció Catalonia Trade&Investment and the Waste Agency of Catalonia, Resol has successfully participated in this innovative project, receiving funding of €130,000 through the Nuclis d’Innovació Tecnològica (Technological Innovation Clusters) program.


The RECIPLAST project

The main goal of the RECIPLAST project is to investigate and develop a new method for plastic injection that allows the use of a range of recycled plastic materials. This includes elements like plastic cups and other packaging waste, which often end up being thrown away but can now be transformed into new sustainable injected plastic products.


Support from the Technological Innovation Clusters

This new technological proposal has received the support of the Nuclis d'Innovació Tecnològica program for Industrial Research and Experimental Development in the framework of the Circular Economy Projects of the Catalan Government. This grant provides important financial backing for new high-risk technological products and services like RECIPLAST. Companies can request a grant of up to 250,000 Euros to address the technological and ecological transformation our society needs.


sillas hechas con plástico reciclado

The current context and the importance of technological innovation


The current climate change and pollution crisis is forcing us to seek new, sustainable alternatives to face the new challenges. The development of new products and services is essential to avoid the generation of more waste and use the materials that are already in circulation to create new ones. Additionally, these initiatives also contribute to mitigating the consequences of climate change and global pollution.


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Resol has shown itself to be an innovative leader in the development of sustainable solutions and has played a significant role in the RECIPLAST project, which seeks to change the way we manage plastic waste and promote a more circular economy. This success exemplifies how collaboration between companies and institutions and adequate financial support can give rise to solutions capable of tackling the current global challenges. With its dedication to research and technological development, Resol is leading the way to a more sustainable, promising future.