Polypropylene chairs for residential areas


Polypropylene chairs for residential areas

Polypropylene chairs are an excellent option to furnish all types of residential area with elegance and comfort. In this post, discover Resol's quality designer polypropylene chairs, ideal to furnish luxury spaces with charm.

What is polypropylene in chairs?

silla de propileno de diseño

Polypropylene is a synthetic material that is made from petroleum and is used in a wide range of objects and surfaces of daily use, such as polypropylene chairs and tables. This material allows us to enjoy an extensive catalogue of designs with light, flexible structures that are highly resistant and easy to maintain.

Polypropylene is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its low porosity, it is waterproof and also hygienic, avoiding corrosion or the growth of organic agents on its surface. Some polypropylene chairs have reinforced finishes to guarantee their durability in adverse climatic conditions, such as intense sunlight in summer or low temperatures in winter.

Additionally, polypropylene chairs are an excellent option to furnish all types of spaces, from dining rooms, offices and meeting rooms to terraces and gardens. Due to all these characteristics they are in high demand in the interior design market and are a noteworthy option to furnish luxury residential areas, offering comfort and design in these environments.

Types of polypropylene chair for residential areas

Polypropylene in chairs is a very versatile material that allows you to create a wide range of alternatives to furnish spaces according to your needs. Below, we discover the most sought-after types of polypropylene chair for residential spaces.

Polypropylene chairs with arms

Polypropylene chairs with arms allow you to enjoy extra comfort thanks to the arms integrated into the structure. These chairs give a feeling of support and warmth. For example, our Steely chair with arms stands out for its cutting-edge design and its finish with a circular back reminiscent of a warm hug. It is the perfect option to furnish residential areas with communal spaces, offering an area to rest or work in total comfort. Our Peach chair with arms follows the same design concept as the Steely chair. It has minimalistic, functional finishes that emphasise the elegance of this unique piece in our catalogue.

Polypropylene chairs for outdoors

Polypropylene chairs for outdoors are an excellent option to furnish terraces, gardens, balconies and even areas close to the coast or water, thanks to their great resistance to the elements, the passage or time and harsh weather.

That's why our Bini chair is the perfect option in gardens, porches and pool areas to create relaxed outdoor spaces and environments. Additionally, combining this piece with our Bini low table will make the ideal combination to enjoy the fresh air in comfort.

If you are looking for a sophisticated, elegant design to complete outdoor dining room spaces, our Como chair is perfect. It's simple, original design is the ideal option to create a pleasant atmosphere in any space. We also have it in a wide range of colours to create unique combinations in any atmosphere.

Stackable polypropylene chairs

Stackable polypropylene chairs are the most sought-after on the market to furnish residential areas. These designs allow you to stack several chairs so they are easy to put away and get out again when necessary. This is due to the fact that polypropylene is very light and resistant, which allows us to create stackable designs in a wide range of finishes.

At Resol, most of our chair designs are stackable and ideal to furnish large spaces, such as meeting rooms, large dining rooms, offices and study areas present in student residences or residential areas with communal spaces, such as libraries or auditoriums. We have the solution you are looking for.

Recycled, recyclable polypropylene chairs

Faced with the growing need to choose ecological, sustainable alternatives, more and more people are opting for recycled and recyclable polypropylene chairs. At Resol, in order to meet this need and care for the environment, we have created our line of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene chairs, using the most representative models of our brand.

The Garbar Recycled line offers an environmentally-conscious alternative to furnish luxury residential areas in comfort. We would highlight our most popular chair models: the Woody Green Edition chair and the Casino Green Edition chair, perfect to furnish residential areas with authentic polypropylene chairs with personality.


Manufacturers of designer polypropylene chairs

At Resol, we are manufacturers of top quality designer polypropylene chairs, ideal to furnish luxury residential spaces with taste and comfort. We stand out on the market thanks to the wide range of original, authentic designs we offer in our catalogue, in addition to the excellent versatility of each of our pieces to adapt to the needs of each place.

If you are looking for a tailored solution to meet your needs, don't hesitate to contact our team so we can offer you a completely customised solution.

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