How the Resol Green Edition Collection benefits your project


How the Resol Green Edition Collection benefits your project

At Resol, we have been driven for years by a mission and are committed to offering a solution to the 400 million tons of plastic waste generated annually. We believe there are better ways to manage plastic waste, so we’ve decided to transform it into valuable products: our Green Edition.

The Green Edition comprises some of our most iconic designs for indoor and outdoor spaces in residential, contract, hospitality and office settings. Our most versatile designs, Woody, Toledo Aire, Steely or Casino, are made from recycled and recyclable polypropylene from post-consumer plastic. As noted by Jane Goodall, a prominent ethologist and environmental activist, we undeniably influence our environment every day.

Even the smallest of actions contribute to shaping the future of our planet. In a context where 400 million tons of plastic are generated annually worldwide, and only 9% of it is recycled, the urgency to change towards more sustainable practices is more critical than ever.

Iconic Designs for Contract and Hospitality Spaces

This scenario presents a significant challenge and a unique opportunity to reimagine our design. This is where the Green Edition collection emerges as a solution in interior design for contract and hospitality spaces.

By incorporating sustainable furniture into projects with high circulation and turnover of people, we move towards a greener future and enhance the well-being of those who inhabit and use these spaces. With each chair from the collection, we invite interior designers, architects and their clients to be part of a significant change at Resol Green, from the selection of colors inspired by nature (Fire Yellow, Water Green, Earth Brown and Air Blue) to the reinvention of our iconic chairs with 100% recycled materials. Resol Green demonstrates that it is possible to combine aesthetics, functionality and environmental responsibility without compromising the design of a project. In the context of hotel or restaurant projects, where functionality, aesthetics and durability are crucial, the Resol Green collection offers an unparalleled proposal.

The recycled plastic chairs are not only a testament to our commitment to sustainability but also provide practical benefits. Below, we list some of them:

Practical Benefits of the Green Edition Collection

- Weather resistance: The recycled plastic chairs are ideal for outdoor environments, as they withstand various weather conditions. These chairs maintain structural integrity over time, from sunlight to rain and snow.

- Low maintenance: In the hospitality industry, where time is precious and resources are limited, ease of maintenance is crucial. The recycled plastic chairs require little maintenance and are easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for high-activity areas.

- Lightness and mobility: The lightness of the recycled plastic chairs makes them easy to handle and relocate. Whether rearranging the space for special events or cleaning common areas, these chairs offer exceptional versatility.

- Hygiene and safety: In hospitality settings, where cleanliness and safety are priorities, recycled plastic furniture is an ideal solution. Their smooth, easy-to-clean surface reduces concerns about germ and bacteria accumulation, while the absence of splinters ensures the safety of guests, especially the youngest ones.

- Sustainability: Using recycled materials instead of virgin resources significantly reduces the environmental impact of furniture production. Moreover, by promoting recycling and reuse, we foster a circular economy mindset that benefits both the planet and the community.

More Benefits of Choosing Recycled Plastic Furniture

We are aware that for architects and interior designers involved in sustainable projects, it is crucial to have certifications that validate their commitment to environmental responsibility. That is why all products from our Green Edition Collection are backed by an environmental declaration and comply with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14006 Eco-Management in Design certifications. Integrating our collection into interior design projects is not just an aesthetic or functional decision; it's a commitment to the future of our planet. Inspired by the words of Jane Goodall, we understand that every action counts, and with Resol Green, we choose to make a positive difference towards a more sustainable world.