How the resin chair industry personalises its pieces


How the resin chair industry personalises its pieces

In the world of hotels, restaurants and other environments that require contract furniture, a type of solution is required that combines functionality, durability and a distinctive style. To answer this need, our resin chairs have undergone a notorious transformation in the industry, focussing on the personalisation and adaptation of the furniture to the needs that could arise in any location.

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Resol is one of Spain's leading brands offering solutions in this area and is positioned as a reference in the designer furniture sector, with an extensive catalogue of resin chairs designed to improve the customer's experience.

Resin chairs, a versatile, durable solution

Resin furniture has become an essential type of furniture in the hotel and restaurant field thanks to the extensive advantages this material offers for busy environments. Resin is a synthetic material that stands out for its composition allowing the creation of pieces that are weather-resistant, light and easy to maintain. It is highly sought-after in the market due to its capacity to be moulded into unique designs that adapt to the needs of the environment. Proof of this is our Casino chair made mainly from resin and which stands out for its authentic, comfortable design. It is the ideal piece to meet the needs of any space, from meeting rooms to restaurant dining rooms.

The manufacturing flexibility of resin makes it the perfect material to use in designer contract chairs, as they can take the daily wear without their quality or appearance being compromised for a long time. Additionally, the lightness of the resin allows the production of chairs that weigh very little and are ideal to be moved around easily, and therefore perfect for events or situations that require fast, efficient adjustment of the furniture set out. Our Lisboa chair is the perfect timeless, functional model to serve this purpose.

Resin is a low porosity material which is a key hygienic advantage in very busy spaces. Simply using a wet cloth, you can guarantee fast cleaning, a vital aspect in environments like hotels, restaurants, schools and public buildings, where hygiene is essential.

The personalisation of resin chairs contributes to the creation of environments that reinforce a business's brand identity and offer users comfort. These are key aspects for businesses to stand out from the competition, boost customer loyalty and build a solid brand image. Our Tokyo chair model stands out in our catalogue thanks to its authentic, exotic design that adds personality and character.

Designer resin chairs and tables for contract spaces

At Resol we have an extensive catalogue of resin tables and chairs in a wide range of finishes, colours and authentic designs. Not only are we suppliers of functional resin chairs but we also focus on making each space unique. We strive to offer solutions that add value to hotels, restaurants and other contract environments so our clients can benefit from unique, memorable spaces that reflect the identity and style that sets them apart.

The choice of contract furniture not only influences aesthetics but also has an impact on the experience of the end customer and on the business's efficiency. Don't hesitate to contact our team so we can offer you a personalised solution to mark the difference in your spaces.