How to choose an outdoor table for hospitality


How to choose an outdoor table for hospitality

Prepare your terrace to receive your customers in style and comfort this season! In our extensive catalogue of outdoor tables for hospitality, you'll find the perfect option to make your establishment stand out and guarantee your customers a unique experience.

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Our selection of outdoor tables for hospitality

When it comes to selecting an outdoor table for hospitality, it is essential to make the right choice. A large variety of considerations need to be taken into account like, for example, durability, strength, capacity and the style you want your business to follow. At the same time, it is also crucial to find a table that adheres to the most demanding quality standards to adapt to the normal needs of hospitality. Below, discover how to select the perfect table to offer your customers comfort and functionality, without compromising on the style and efficiency of your business.

At Resol, we specialise in creating solutions that are completely adapted to the needs of the hospitality sector. Our pieces are made from top quality materials like aluminium, iron, polypropylene and synthetic resin, for example, materials that are ideal to withstand harsh weather and constant use without losing their shape and qualities.

In addition to their durability, our outdoor tables for hospitality also offer great versatility and style. For example, our Toledo Aire XL 90x90 Table is the ideal option to offer the privacy couples need. For large groups, our Milano 180x90 Table has a large, spacious design to enjoy a meal in good company.

With a solid design and robust legs, our Phenolic plywood 60x60 Sputnik Foot Table has a painted iron counterweight that keeps the table's structure in place without any problems. Whether you need to place them on uneven ground or exposed to strong winds, our tables will remain firm and stable at all times.

You don't need to worry about maintenance either. Our tables are designed to be easy to clean and are made from weather-resistant materials. For example, our New Desa 90x90 Table, with injected polypropylene legs, has a zinc-plated steel structure with a functional, minimalistic design. This means you can focus on offering your customers exceptional service without having to worry about taking care of your furniture.


Outdoor furniture solutions for hospitality adapted to your needs

Are you looking for a particular style? Contact us so we can design a solution that meets needs of your establishment. We will help you to find the perfect combination of colours and materials for your outdoor tables and chairs, and even help you with transport and installation in the desired location. We guarantee a smart investment that will translate to the satisfaction of your customers and a significant boost for your business.