The hospitality industry welcomes more sustainable furniture


The hospitality industry welcomes more sustainable furniture

In the dynamic world of hospitality, every aspect plays a crucial role in the customer experience. From interior decoration to outdoor furniture, each detail contributes to the overall impression a establishment leaves on its visitors. That's why, in the constant quest to improve the quality of its services and customer satisfaction, the hospitality sector is increasingly interested in integrating sustainable furniture into its spaces.

The importance of sustainable furniture in the hospitality sector

From the sector's perspective, sustainability has become a global priority. According to the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, a London-based non-profit organization with numerous leading hotel companies among its members, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their decisions. They are seeking options that reflect their ethical values. In this context, sustainable furniture is an ethical choice and a smart strategy to differentiate an establishment and attract a customer base that is increasingly concerned about the environment.

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Resol's commitment to sustainability

In this quest for sustainable solutions, the circular economy has emerged as a possible response to global challenges such as growing resource demand, climate change, and pollution. Circular economy strategies, which include reducing, reusing, recycling, redesigning, and rethinking, perfectly align with Resol's philosophy and our Green Thinking project. At Resol, a pioneering company in the injection-molded plastic furniture industry, we have been committed to sustainability for several years through the Green Thinking project.

This project not only represents a change in how our furniture is conceived and produced but steers the brand towards a near future where sustainability will be the fundamental pillar of all business operations.

Through Green Thinking, we encourage architects, interior designers, and decorators to implement furniture made from post-consumer plastic in their projects. We offer a catalog of our most iconic, versatile, and in-demand designs for spaces such as bars, restaurants, cafeterias, lobbies, or hotel terraces.

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Durability and resistance of sustainable furniture

One of the main advantages of integrating this sustainable furniture into a project is its durability. At Resol, our Green Edition collection offers pieces as solid and resistant as those made with virgin plastic. These furniture pieces can withstand intensive use and are easy to clean and maintain, saving costs on maintenance and repairs.

Contribution to the design and functionality of spaces

In addition to their durability, sustainable furniture significantly contributes to creating more attractive and functional spaces. Our catalog includes everything from iconic Toledo Aire chairs to more contemporary designs like the Woody chair by Josep Lluscà or the timeless Casino chair by Joan Gaspar. All models in this collection are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional and harmoniously integrate into any hospitality space's interior design and decoration.