Furniture for hotels in contract projects


Furniture for hotels in contract projects

At Resol, we are specialists in the manufacturing of furniture for hotels and contract projects. In today's post, we're going to show you a few solutions to meet your customers' needs.

How to choose furniture for a hotel

A hotel's furniture is one of its most important parts, as it conditions the various rooms and services the facility offers. This may include rooms, reception, the restaurant and even outdoor spaces such as the pool and terraces. For this reason, it's crucial to pay special attention to the choice of furniture for your hotel, as it determines the level of satisfaction of your guests to a considerable extent.

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So, the choice of furniture for hotels must be premeditated and meticulous, in order to make the best choice according to the type of business. I.e., for a coastal hotel, the choice of furniture that is resistant to humidity, limescale and salt, as well as UV-resistant, will be key. If the hotel is located in a mountainous area, priority should be given to designs that integrate with the natural environment such as models with neutral colours and inspired by nature, for example.

At Resol, we have extensive experience in the design of solutions for contract projects, particularly in hotels. We have an extensive catalogue of chairs, loungers, armchairs, tables and garden sets designed to bring that touch of elegance and distinction hotels need in order to in turn offer their customers the quality service that characterises them and sets them apart.


Furniture for contract-style hotels to make guests feel at home

Our solutions will make your guests feel as comfortable as if they were in their own home. They are designed to be functional and attractive at the same time in order to bring a touch of elegance and distinction to the space wherever they are placed. Additionally, our furniture for hotels is ideal for use both in interiors and exteriors, as it is resistant to harsh weather and the various meteorological agents. It is designed with high quality materials that guarantee considerable tolerance to use and the passage of time.

Different furniture proposals

To meet the furniture needs of a hotel bar, our bar stools and tables are ideal. One of our most noteworthy combinations is our Woody bar stool with our Toledo bar table, a set that gives off a classic, homely vibe.

Another of our favourite combinations is our Lisboa bar stool together with our Barcino bar table, which stand out from our other products thanks to the minimalistic, elegant vibe they give off wherever they are placed.

We also have chairs and tables for restaurants for both indoor and outdoor use. One of our most popular models is our Shape chair together with our Corner table, a comfortable, functional combination for distinguished hotels.

To create a much more relaxed atmosphere in gardens and on terraces, our Bini collection, designed by Joan Gaspar, is the best alternative. Combining our Bini armchair with our Bini low table, you can offer customers a space in which to rest and relax.

If the hotel has a pool, completing the furnishing of the space with quality loungers will be essential to offer customers a space to enjoy the fresh air in complete comfort. Our Anthea Poolbed and Sky Club loungers have refined, distinguished designs that will add the touch that makes the difference you are looking to transmit in an exclusive hotel.


Manufacturers of furniture for hotels

At Resol, we manufacture top quality furniture for hotels. We have first hand knowledge of all the challenges of decorating and furnishing a hotel. That's why, if you're planning to design a unique experience for your guests, at Resol we can offer you a tailored solution. We accompany you from the initial idea through to the design and subsequent installation. Please don't hesitate to contact our advisory team so they can assess your project and draw up a proposal tailored to your needs. Additionally, for more information on our outdoor furniture for the contract sector, don't hesitate to take a look at our previous post.