Designer garden furniture


Designer garden furniture

Terraces, gardens and patios are the leisure spaces par excellence when the good weather and sunny days arrive. To give your customers the best service and make the most of your outdoor furniture, we invite you to discover Resol's designer garden furniture.

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The perfect solution to furnish your outdoor spaces

Both the service and the establishment and therefore the furniture are the face of a business. So if you have a garden, terrace or patio, you need to pay special attention to the choice of furniture, since garden furniture does not enjoy the same conditions as indoor furniture. That's why you need to be sure to choose pieces that are hard-wearing, resistant to the climatic conditions and which can withstand the pace of work of the business.

Contract outdoor furniture is an excellent alternative to have designer garden furniture for large projects such as, for example, restaurants, hotels and hospitality businesses. Also for institutional or residential spaces due to the characteristics and advantages this type of furniture offers. Contract furniture is highly resistant and hard-wearing, it requires little maintenance, is ergonomic and comfortable for the customer and also adapts easily to the space it is used in, in addition to generally being furniture of minimalist, elegant and distinguished design.

Designer garden furniture for a unique fresh air experience

With Resol's designer furniture you can create pleasant, authentic atmospheres in the outdoor areas of your establishments to offer your customers a unique outdoor experience.

Below we mention some ideal designer garden furniture for gardens, terraces and patios to create an authentic atmosphere.

In Resol you'll find a large range of outdoor armchairs and sofas that offer all the comfort of sitting in a cloud. Some of our most noteworthy models to enjoy the fresh air in comfort are our Anou armchair and the Anthea Easy Chair. Authentic pieces that combine design, comfort and convenience to perfection.

In our catalogue you'll also find outdoor tables and chairs you can use to create charming gardens and terraces. You can choose from amongst our extensive selection of models to find the solutions that best suit the needs of your business and offer your customers exceptional service. To create an exotic atmosphere that is functional at the same time, we recommend combining our Vela table with our Tokyo chair, for example.

We also have the ideal sun loungers for gardens, pools and terraces to create a much more relaxed atmosphere, such as our Anthea Poolbed for example, a solution designed for the most distinguished spaces, and our Sky Club deck chair, with a select design that combines elegance and functionality.

In our catalogue we also have garden sets, comprising a coffee table together with a sofa and armchairs, a complete solution for gardens and patios with a much more serene atmosphere. An excellent alternative is our Raf set with cushions, of comfortable, modern design.

Discover Resol's designer garden furniture catalogue

At Resol, we design comprehensive solutions for both private homes and restaurants, hotels, resorts and a wide range of businesses. We assist our customers through all the phases of their project, from the initial concept, through the manufacturing of the requested pieces, with advice on aspects like lighting, decoration and arrangement of the furniture, to the in situ assembly of the solution proposed for their business.

We specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of designer furniture that is ideal for outdoor porches, pools and patios. In addition, combining these with the necessary accessories, you can create the ideal atmosphere to relax, have a drink or appreciate nature. Our designs are ideal for renowned and award-winning designers and architects in the sector.

With Resol's exclusive designer garden furniture, you'll find the solution you're looking for to offer your customers the best experience. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can design a solution tailored to your needs.