Drac-Cp Litter Bin

Drac-Cp Papelera Colillero Cuerpo Poliuretno Negro Y Cabezal
Papelera Drac-Cp
Drac-Cp Litter Bin

Ashtray and wastebasket for general or recycling use. Essential for common areas, with a restrained design that fits in with any style.

Waste bin with ashtray for use indoors and in enclosed outdoor public spaces. Comprised of body, top and base. Tilting top equipped with a retention system housing a notched ashtray at the top with a separate container. Body covered in polyurethane foam to absorb shocks; equipped with inner container and handle to facilitate the replacement of liners and maintenance. Inner container emptying mechanism via the upper section. Equipped with a counterweight on the bottom to isolate contents from the immediate environment while providing greater bin strength.

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Papelera Drac-Cp
83.9 cm
41 cm

Logistic Data

Pack of 1 units
Container 40"
106 uds
Truck 100 m^3
132 uds
Papelera Drac-Cp
Papelera Drac-Cp
Papelera Drac-Cp
Papelera Drac-Cp
40 kg