Signage Index-65

Index-65 Señaletica Horizontal A4 De Pie H150 Placa Inoxidab
Señaletica Index-65
Señaletica Index-65
Signage Index-65
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A wide variety of signage elements, made up of different designs, die-cut and finished so that all your rooms will be well indicated and marked.

Signalling device A4 horizontal standing 150 cm. Transparent methacrylate holder with AISI-304 stainless-steel trim with satin finish. Combinable with other signs of equal or different size. In terms of functionality and ergonomics, allows effortless literature replacement by sliding the paper towards one end using slits or clamps designed for that purpose. Option to incorporate braille lettering into the trim conformant to the UNE 170002 standard using applied resin. Extruded aluminum casing on cast steel base with embellishing trim to provide structural stability. There are additional models of varying sizes available in the same series.

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Index-65 Señaletica Horizontal A4 De Pie H150 Placa Inoxidab
150 cm
27 cm
29.7 cm
11.5 kg

Logistic Data

Pack of 1 units
Container 40"
158 uds
Truck 100 m^3
198 uds
Señaletica Index-65

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