Check Litter Bin

Papelera Check Simple Color Blanco/Negro Con Sensor
Papelera Check
Check Litter Bin
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Designed with synthesized and clear lines, it shows a clear vocation of coexistence and integration with the architecture of its surroundings, without pretending to stand out, becoming one more element within the equipment where it is located. It has optimization systems with the optical detector, weight sensors and temperature sensors.

High-capacity solid waste recycling container (100 l) made of lacquered steel sheet. Equipped with a hinged door (with an automatic opening lock mechanism) and a bag ring holder to facilitate replacement. Optionally with or without sensor Equipped with sensors at the top to provide control and security in public areas. In the first section, an infrared detector signals an alarm if the capacity is about to overflow and flags it for maintenance. A temperature probe signals an alarm if a fire outbreak occurs inside or in the surrounding environment. An additional weight detector signals an alarm if an object suspected of being an artifact has been introduced. The alarms are issued via WIFI to an APP exclusive to the system; the containers are autonomous, powered by batteries whose charge exceeds one year. The data is periodically stored on a website for maintenance or other oversight.

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Papelera Check Simple Inoxidable Satinado Sin Sensor
100.5 cm
39 cm
35.5 cm

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