Box-04 Litter Bin

Papelera Box-04 Box-04 Papelera Restos Gris 300x300x870 Mm C
Papelera Box-06
Papelera Box-04
Box-04 Litter Bin
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If you’re committed to the environment, you need a BOX wastebasket. It eases your company’s waste management by allowing you to place as many combinations of wastebaskets as you need.

Metal waste bin for indoor use. Waste bin comprised of a body with wings on the upper section with rigid PVC vinyl waste storage identification labels. Equipped with a tilting inner bag ring holder with a rubber profile to avoid friction with the compartment interior to facilitate swapping out and emptying waste liners. There are other models available in the same series (BOX-05 and BOX-06). The various models in the series allow for creating a standalone waste recycling station for sorting and classifying waste. ACCESSORIES: Vinyl waste identification labels on the exterior body (optional, NOT INCLUDED).

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Papelera Box-04 Box-04 Papelera Restos Gris 300x300x870 Mm C
87 cm
30 cm
30 cm
12 kg

Logistic Data

Pack of 1 units
0.9 × 0.65 × 0.75 cm
Container 40"
317 uds
Truck 100 m^3
396 uds
Papelera Box-04

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