Artria-01 Litter Bin

Papelera Artria-01 Azul Ral 5020
Papelera Artria-01
Papelera Artria-01
Artria-01 Litter Bin
Designed by:

Its different design and large capacity make ARTRIA the ideal wastebasket for the busiest areas.

High-capacity metal waste bin for use indoors and in enclosed outdoor public spaces. Waste bin comprised of body, top ring trim and covering lid (lid acts to prevent internal water build-up). Body equipped with hinged door and triangular self-closing lock. Equipped with a concrete base at the bottom to isolate contents from the immediate environment while providing greater bin strength. Comes with a bag ring holder attached to the body for easy replacement of the bag and cleaning. ACCESSORIES: Inner container and hardware for anchoring to the floor.

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Papelera Artria-01 Artria-01 Inox 304 Papelera 540x540x1200
120 cm
54 cm
54 cm
33 kg

Logistic Data

Pack of 1 units
Container 40"
53 uds
Truck 100 m^3
66 uds
Papelera Artria-01
Papelera Artria-01
Papelera Artria-01
Papelera Artria-01

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