Mario Ruiz

Originally from Alicante, Spain, designer Mario Ruiz graduated in Industrial Design at Elisava, Barcelona's prestigious University School of Design and Engineering. He began his professional career in 1995 with the opening of his own studio in Barcelona.

His multidisciplinary skill and experience in various fields has earned him the trust of more than 120 leading companies worldwide (Australia, the United States, Sweden, France, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain).

Mario Ruiz's work has been exhibited at fairs in Europe and Japan and has been recognized with more than 40 important awards. In 2016, he received the prestigious National Design Award, awarded by the King of Spain, Felipe VI and the Ministry of Economy.

Mario Ruiz has also received Delta de Plata awards, granted by the Barcelona Industrial Design Association, ADI-FAD. In Europe and the United States, it has received numerous awards from Red Dot, IF, Design Plus and Wallpaper. Between 1992 and 2002, Mario Ruiz was professor of Industrial Projects at the Eina and Elisava design schools in Barcelona. Likewise, he has offered numerous presentations in Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Dubai, London and Chicago.

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